Call for Entries


QCShorts 2021

QCShorts Competition 2021

350K x 3 Narrative Shorts
for QCShorts Competition 2021

Deadline of submission: March 29, 2021, 9:00 PM.


All are required, except when indicated. All files must be in PDF format.

  1. Completed QCinema 2021 online application form;
  2. Short synopsis, maximum of three (3) paragraphs;
  3. Logline, optional;
  4. Treatment, full synopsis;
  5. Full script, in proper screenplay format;
  6. Director's statement, profile, and sample works;
  7. Proposed cast and crew;
  8. Line item budget, including COVID-19 protocol;
  9. Timeline.


  1. Short film production grant of Php 350,000 is open for Filipino Citizens 18 years old and above;
  2. Proposed entries must be a narrative fiction (live action). Animated entries are acceptable;
  3. Only one entry per proponent. Proponent can either be the director or producer;
  4. Total running time (TRT) of completed film output must not exceed twenty (20) minutes including opening and closing credits;
  5. Production must adhere to health and safety protocols;
  6. QCinema will not be liable for any untoward incident during production;
  7. Due to the increased amount of the production grant, the selected entries must be feasible to shoot under the prevailing pandemic conditions with few locations and scaled-down number of cast and crew;
  8. At every stage of the production, the cast and crew must follow existing shooting guidelines to include proper working hours as well as testing and lock-in safety procedures;
  9. Use of original literary sources, music materials, and film footage must have proper clearance from its respective copyright owners before it can be used in the final film output;
  10. Rights to the final film output belong to the filmmaker proponent, but QCinema reserves the right to screen it for the duration of QCinema International Film Festival 2021 (QCIFF 2021) theatrically, on-line and selected events after the festival screening with prior notice to the proponent;
  11. Final film output must have its world premiere in QCIFF 2021;
  12. Filmmaker proponent and his/her co-financiers must abide with the QCinema festival rules, guidelines, deadlines, and contract. In case of violations in the aforementioned terms, QCinema reserves the right to disqualify the filmmaker/proponent and forfeit the entire grant.

Application deadline: March 29, 2021, 9:00 PM. No extension.
For inquiries, message us on our Facebook Page.