Call for Entries


DocQC Documentary 2019

DocQC Documentary 2019

₱500K x 3 Documentary Features
for DocQC Documentary 2019

Deadline of submission: April 22, 2019, 5PM. No extension!


  1. Completed QCinema 2019 application form, download here;
  2. Director/Proponent must be a Filipino citizen;
  3. Profile of the Director/Proponent;
  4. Soct copy (PDF format) and four (4) hard copies (short bond paper) of the following:
    • Concept page (1page)
    • Director/Proponent's statement (1 page)
    • Topic outline
    • Documentary status report
    • Proposed post-production budget outline;
  5. A labelled USB flash drive containing the following:
    • Edited rough cut comprising 80% of the film’s total running time in mp4 format
    • Director’s reel and sample works;
  6. Use of original literary sources, music materials, and film footage must have proper clearance from its respective copyright owners before it can be used in the final film output;
  7. Rights to the final film output belong to the filmmaker proponent, but QCFDC reserves the right to screen it for the duration of QCinema 2019 and selected events after the festival screening (with prior notice to the proponent);
  8. Final film output must have its Philippine premiere in QCinema International Film Festival 2019;
  9. Filmmaker proponent and his/ her co-financiers must abide with the QCinema festival rules, guidelines, deadlines, and contract; in case of violations in the aforementioned terms, QCFDC reserves the right to disqualify the filmmaker/ proponent and forfeit the entire grant.

Submit entries to QCINEMA SECRETARIAT: PM Apartments Unit 303, 24 Matalino St., Brgy. Central, Quezon City 1100 | Email: