Les Diaboliques

TF1 French Classics


Edition: QCinema 2018
Country:   France
Year: 1955
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
TRT: 107m
Rating: PG


Diabolique is set in a provincial boarding school run by headmaster Michel Delasalle. A ruthless lothario, he becomes the target of a murder plot concocted by his long-suffering invalid wife Christina and his latest mistress, an icy teacher played by Simone Signoret. The simple murder plot goes haywire, and Michel's corpse disappears, prompting strange rumors of his reappearance which grow more and more substantial as the film goes wildly towards its breathless conclusion.

Henri-Georges Clouzot
Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jérôme Géronimi
Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot, Paul Meurisse, Charles Vanel
Official Accounts

Henri-Georges Clouzot

Henri-Georges Clouzot is regarded as among the greatest of French film directors. He started as a screenwriter and later on switched over to direct films. He rose to international fame with The Wages of Fear (1953) and consolidated that success with Diabolique (1955). His films are typically relentless suspense thrillers, similar to Alfred Hitchcock's but with far less light relief.

Screening Schedule

  • 10/23 Tue
    4:00p UP Town Center Cinema 3
  • 10/24 Wed
    6:30p TriNoma Cinema 4
  • 10/30 Tue
    4:00p Gateway Cineplex 7

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