Circle Competition


Diector: Roderick Cabrido
Producer: Tere SR Villonco
Scriptwriter: Denise O’Hara, Roderick Cabrido
Director of Photography: Mycko David, Cesca Lee
Production Designer: Steff Dereja
Editor: Mark Cyril Bautista
Cast: Bernardo Bernardo, Kristoffer King, Jess Mendoza, Arnold Reyes, Rollie, Innnocencio, Elora Españo
10/15 Sat 9:00P Gateway Cineplex 2
10/16 Sun 4:00P Robinsons Movieworld Galleria 8
10/18 Tue 6:00P Robinsons Movieworld Galleria 7
10/19 Wed 6:00P Trinoma Cinema 1
10/19 Wed 8:30P Gateway Cineplex 1
10/20 Thu 1:30P Gateway Cineplex 1
10/20 Thu 4:00P Robinsons Movieworld Galleria 8
10/20 Thu 6:30P UP Town Center
10/21 Fri 1:00P Trinoma Cinema 1


"Purgatoryo”"tells the story of Ilyong. A recently-dead man killed by the police, after he was caught stealing. This is the beginning of his story, his death. Soon after, he was brought into a sleazy funeral home, run by Violet, a greedy homosexual who has learned to survive by renting out the dead bodies in his funeral home to Simon. Along for the ride is Jojo, a police officer who is under the payroll of Simon and who supplies the dead bodies for Violet to take care of and make money from. Violet has two workers, On-on and Dyograd. They clean the bodies and prepares them for the wake. On-on, for all his good looks, no longer feels alive except when he is gambling. Dyograd on the other hand, only feels alive when he is having sex. All in all it was a good team until Ilyong came and then one after another, the misfortunes came. Someone recognized him for who he really is, creating trouble for Violet. And he must make a decision whether to keep Ilyong or just throw him out. If she does, who will replace Ilyong? They cannot close shop. There is after all, no rest for the wicked.

About the Director:

Roderick Cabrido is an award-winning Filipino documentary producer and filmmaker. His first full length directorial debut was on the film “Children’s Show”, which highlighted the struggles of 2 under aged siblings in the world of underground child syndicating and illegal betting. The film competed in the 2014 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival where it won Best Supporting Actor for Miggs Cuaderno, Best Editing, Best Sound and the Canon Best Cinematography Award.