QC Shorts Competition

QC Shorts Competition 2017 » Pixel Paranoia

Pixel Paranoia

10/22 4:00PM Galleria
10/22 9:00PM Trinoma
10/23 3:30PM Galleria
10/23 8:30PM Gateway
10/24 4:00PM Galleria
10/25 1:30PM Cinematheque Manila
10/25 4:00PM Galleria
10/26 3:30PM Gateway
10/27 8:30PM Gateway
10/28 4:00PM UP Town Center
QC Shorts Competition 2017 Finalist
Director: Epoy Deyto
Producer: Epoy Deyto, Karen Testibia
Script: Epoy Deyto
Director of Photography: Chino de Vera
Editor: Carlo Cielo, Epoy Deyto
Music: Mocksmile
Cast: Niko Lorenzo, Angela Munsyac, Jarius Oloquina

Kiko, constantly being hired by Lily to upload videos on Deep Web for a pay-per-view website, was given a task to upload a mysterious video which origins they do not know of, but would be a sure hit once it is up. Ever since he viewed the video, he's been receiving ghost calls and constantly feels like someone is watching him.


Epoy Deyto

Epoy Deyto is a writer and filmmaker who has done several shorts, one of which, The Filipino Dream, has recently bagged first prize in this year's Cinamalaya's Gawad Alternatibo, Experimental division.