#QCShorts Competition


Diector: Gabrielle Patrice Tayag
Producer: Tin Velasco
Scriptwriter: Gabrielle Patrice Tayag
Director of Photography: Theo Lozada
Production Designer: Irish Reyes, Josue Gopez
Editor: Jonathan David
Cast: Alvin Anson, Elora Espano, Ronnie Tayag, Saivitri Villareal, VJ Tacliad
10/16 Sun 9:00P Gateway Cineplex 2
10/17 Mon 3:30P Robinsons Galleria 7
10/17 Mon 9:00P UP Town Center
10/18 Tue 1:00P Trinoma Cinema 1
10/18 Tue 9:00P Robinsons Galleria 8
10/20 Thu 6:00P Trinoma Cinema 1
10/20 Thu 6:30P Robinsons Galleria 8
10/21 Fri 1:30P Robinsons Galleria 8
10/21 Fri 9:00P UP Town Center


Kaye arrives at the airport in Pampanga where she waits for her estranged father to fetch her. Arriving late, her father tells her they have to wait for another arrival later that day. In those first few hours they spend together, how do they both attempt to get to know each other?

About the Director:

Gabrielle is a young, aspiring filmmaker from Pampanga. After graduating from film school, she joined her first film competition, Cine Kabalen 5, with ​Pamagsadia (Preparations). It won five awards at the said festival. She is currently working as a producer for TV, but continues to writemore screenplays hoping to have them come to life someday.