Circle Competition

Circle Competition 2017 » Medusae


10/20 9:00PM Galleria
10/21 4:00PM Trinoma (Gala)
10/22 1:00PM Galleria
10/22 6:00PM Gateway
10/23 4:00PM UP Town Center
10/23 9:00PM Trinoma
10/24 6:00PM Gateway
10/25 6:00PM Gateway
10/26 1:30PM Galleria
10/27 6:30PM Galleria
10/27 6:30PM Cinematheque Manila
10/28 6:00PM Gateway
Circle Competition 2017 Finalist
Director: Pam Miras
Producer: Tonee Acejo, Lawrence S. Ang, Heintje Fernandez, Jenny Fernandez-Ang, Jason Tan
Director of Photography: Albert Banzon
Editor: Lawrence S. Ang
Visual Effects: Vladimer Castañeto
Music: Joee Mejias
Sound: Tengal
Cast: Desiree Del Valalle, Carl Palaganas

A documentarist’s son goes missing when she films a story on the disappearances of the firstborns in a remote island.


Pam Miras

Pam Miras is a director and screenwriter for film and television. Her feature film debut, Pascalina (2012), won Best Picture at the 2012 Cinema One Originals film festival. Her other short films have won several local awards and have competed in international festivals. She is currently employed as a writer for local television dramas.