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QC Shorts Competition 2017 » Love Bites

Love Bites

10/22 4:00PM Galleria
10/22 9:00PM Trinoma
10/23 3:30PM Galleria
10/23 8:30PM Gateway
10/24 4:00PM Galleria
10/25 1:30PM Cinematheque Manila
10/25 4:00PM Galleria
10/26 3:30PM Gateway
10/27 8:30PM Gateway
10/28 4:00PM UP Town Center
QC Shorts Competition 2017 Finalist
Director: Carl Joseph Papa
Producer: Sarah Santos
Script: Cal Joseph Papa
AD: Matthew Erickson Echague, Eru Petrasanta
Music: Mikko Quizon

In a busy pub in Quezon City, a grieving old man and a lively old woman learn that two halves make one whole.


Carl Joseph Papa

Carl Joseph Papa is a software engineer by profession but a filmmaker at heart. His films earned him screenings and accolades at various film festivals in several countries. His most regarded work is his first animated feature, Manang Biring; CinemaOne Originals 2015's Best Film, Asia Pacific Screen Awards for Best Animated Feature nominee and is the first ever full length Filipino film to be an official selection at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.