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Circle Competition 2017 » Dapol Tan Payawar Na Tayug 1931

Dapol Tan Payawar Na Tayug 1931

(The Ashes And Ghosts Of Tayug 1931)

10/20 9:00PM Trinoma (Gala)
10/21 9:00PM Galleria
10/22 3:30PM Gateway
10/22 8:30PM Galleria
10/23 1:30PM UP Town Center
10/23 6:30PM Trinoma
10/24 8:30PM Gateway
10/24 4:00PM Cinematheque Manila
10/25 8:30PM Gateway
10/26 4:00PM Galleria
10/27 9:00PM Galleria
10/28 8:30PM Gateway
Circle Competition 2017 Finalist
140minsDrama, EssayGP
Director: Christopher Gozum
Producer: Christopher Gozum, Fe Ging Ging Hyde, Vivian Palisoc, Jun Lana, Perci Intalan
Script: Christopher Gozum
Director of Photography: Chino de Vera
Editor: Epoy Deyto, Carla Pulido Ocampo
Music: Ran Kirlian, Darren Vega
Cast: Fe Ging Ging Hyde, Cedrick Juan, Perry Dizon, Soliman Cruz

A filmmaker revisits the town of Tayug, Pangasinan in preparation for a new feature film she is making about the folk hero Pedro Calosa and the Tayug Uprising of 1931. As she revisits the actual sites in Tayug where the infamous uprising had taken place, she imagines scenes in her new film about the subject. As she goes deeper in her research at Tayug, she uncovers the memories of the townspeople about Pedro Calosa and the Tayug Uprising of 1931.


Christopher Gozum

Christopher Gozum studied Film in the University of the Philippines and is an alumnus of the 2006 Asian Film Academy (South Korea). His films received the Cultural Center of the Philippines Award for Alternative Film and Video (2005), as well as the Best Short Film (2007), the Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Filipino Filmmaker (2008), the Lino Brocka Grand Prize (2009) and the Best Director Award (2009), all in the Digital Lokal section of the Cinemanila International Film Festival.

Gozum was an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia from 2007 to 2015. He is now based in his hometown of Bayambang.