QC Shorts Competition

QC Shorts Competition 2017 » Anya Iti Nagan Mo?

Anya Iti Nagan Mo?

(Wnat Is Your Name?)

10/22 1:30PM Galleria
10/22 6:30PM Trinoma
10/23 1:00PM Galleria
10/23 6:00PM Gateway
10/24 1:30PM Galleria
10/24 1:30PM Cinematheque Manila
10/25 1:30PM Galleria
10/26 1:00PM Gateway
10/27 6:00PM Gateway
10/28 1:30PM UP Town Center
QC Shorts Competition 2017 Finalist
20mins GP
Director: Ice Idanan
Producer: Patrick Ostrea
Script: Ice Idanan
Director of Photography: Ice Idanan, Patrick Ostrea
Editor: Renard Torres
Music: Jose Buencamino
Cast: Miel Espinosa, Delphine Buencamino, Acey Aguilar, MJ Jacobo

A six year old girl gets lost in a cemetery in her mother's hometown. Despite the language barrier, a local stranger helps her find her way back home.


Ice Idanan

Ice Idanan graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines Film Institute. Her thesis film, Limang Libo, was the National Winner for the Kodak Filmschool Competition and was one of the finalist in the Young Cinema Category of the Cinemanila Film Festival, both taking place in 2009. It was also the Grand Prize Winner of the Quisumbing-Escandor Film Festival for Maternal Health 2010. Limang Libo was her first major directorial film.

She has done several other works since then. One of her notable films was "Sakaling Hindi Makarating" where she is both director and cinematographer.