QCinema Festival Winners 2016

Best Picture - Circle Competition

Women of the Weeping River
Sheron Dayoc
For bringing mother figures caught in inter-generational ​​​​conflicts in Zamboanga to the scope of classic Greek ​​​​​tragedy, through tremendous talent in directing actors and ​​​​capturing images through subtle, yet sharp framing.
Best Picture - #QCShorts Competition

Aedrian Araojo
​​​​​For its simple and yet unusual portrayal to seek meaning for ​​​​life’s suffering and existence.
NETPAC Jury Prize - Circle Competition

Baboy Halas
Bagane Fiola
​​​​​For its aesthetically challenging cinematic ​​​​​​exploration of the tribulations of the not-so-familiar ​​​​​indigenous people whose lives are in tune with ​​​​​​nature in a mythical way and are attempting a new familial ​​​​and social order.
NETPAC Jury Prize - #QCShorts Competition

Papa's Shadows
Inshallah Montero
Best Film - Asian Next Wave

Boo Junfeng / Singapore
​​​​​For giving a relevant, poignant and sensitive ​​​​​​discourse on socio-psychological consequences of crime and punishment in a well-developed human drama.
Special Citation - Asian Next Wave

By The Time It Gets Dark
Anocha Suwichakornpong / Thailand
​​​​​​​​For taking us into an uneven yet mesmerising ​​​​​​journey of history and memory in its many reincarnations to ​​​​collective, social, personal and cinematic adaptations.
Gender Sensitivity Award
Patay Na Si Hesus
For its playful call for diversiy within a popular, comic setting, ​​​through the non-conformist attitudes of a single mother, an ​​​​emancipated nun and a strong tomboy. It even passes the ​​​​Bechdel Test.
Best Artistic Contribution - Cinematography
Raphael Meting & Mark Limbaga
Baboy Halas
For its bewitching, hyperrealist camera work that plays with ​​​​the codes of documentary with poetic twists that cast a ​​​​magical spell into the forest hinterlands
Best Director
Prime Cruz
Ang Mananaggal sa Unit 23B
Best Screenplay
Joseph Laban & Denise O’Hara
Best Actor
JC de Vera
Best. Partee. Ever.
Best Actress
Laila Ulao
Women of the Weeping River
Best Supporting Actor
Taha Daranda
Women of the Weeping River
Best Supporting Actress
Vangie Labalan
Ang Mananaggal sa Unit 23B
Audience Choice - Circle

Patay Na Si Hesus
Victor Villanueva
Audience Choice - #QCShorts

Contestant #4
Jared Joven & Kaj Palanca